Back to Basque

The region we've probably dropped in on the most since residing in south west France is Pays Basque; both the French and Spanish pockets of this distinct and dynamic province sandwiched between the rugged southernmost reaches of the Bay of Biscay and the robust scaffolding of the Pyrenees stretching inland. Ever since first motoring down … Continue reading Back to Basque

Donegal: discovering 5 favourite spots in Ireland’s forgotten county

The Republic of Ireland's fourth largest county, an isolated offshoot in the far north west of the country – even more northerly than Northern Ireland – is an area of outstanding natural beauty obtruding into the wild Atlantic and so often overlooked by its very setting far-flung from the rest of the Emerald Isle. But it … Continue reading Donegal: discovering 5 favourite spots in Ireland’s forgotten county

Six stylish boutique bases in Bordeaux

One of France's most culturally charming cities, Bordeaux has seen a surge in stylish places to stay over the last couple of years, many accommodating the elegant 18th-century dwellings dressed with honey-hued limestone façades that lend themselves so effortlessly to quirky and charismatic boutique abodes. It isn't however all that easy to find chic accommodation under … Continue reading Six stylish boutique bases in Bordeaux

Bordeaux … and what brought us here

© It was a sullen rain-soaked January day in 2008 when Mr Gallivant and I first came upon the belle dame that is Bordeaux. On a whim a week or so before, we’d talked about moving to France. As you do. New year, new beginnings and all that. After as good as three years … Continue reading Bordeaux … and what brought us here

Tarn and La Terrasse de Lautrec

The twisting, turning road through the plane tree contours of countryside south of Réalmont en route to our chambre d’hôte for the coming days is an absolute delight. We are in the heart of the Tarn département, deep in Cocagne country, and the picturesque route beyond the robust planes is flanked by fields of gold … Continue reading Tarn and La Terrasse de Lautrec

My local friend … in Vancouver

Anna is an American illustrator and graphic designer, and mother of three, who grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, and since 2006 has resided in Bordeaux, France. She revisits her hometown of Vancouver every summer.  _____________________________________________________________________________________ Where is your first port of call when you return home? Visiting my family’s home, in New Westminster, British … Continue reading My local friend … in Vancouver