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rebeccaBorn of a love of travel and a compulsive interest in chic though not financially crippling places to stay, Miss Gallivant aspires to take you on an alluring journey of the memorable dalliances she and her family – Mr Gallivant, Jem and Sweet Pea – indulge in whenever there is a spare moment or a standby reserve in cash. Always on the lookout for a little luxury for less, Miss Gallivant prides herself on seeking out exquisite finds which won’t instinctively break the bank. After all, what is a holiday without a slice of comfort? Considering your place and space as much as the holiday itself classifies the whole experience of escapism.

Miss Gallivant is Rebecca Legros. Based in Bordeaux, one of France’s most culturally charming cities, she writes and edits for a living. And in any ounce of free time she and her family travel, either locally or further afield, appreciating the beauty of south west France and the pull of the great beyond. Before settling in Aquitaine eight years ago, both Rebecca and her French husband dabbled in work and life on a range of continents, clocking up ten different countries between them bridging Europe, Asia and North America. Rebecca originally hails from the rugged coast of south west Wales, her husband from the equally bracing north west shores of Normandy. When picking out the perfect place for a move to France in 2008, a seaside location was a must. But into the bargain they bunched warmer weather, a suitably sized city and reasonably easy access to the rest of the globe. Bordeaux was the answer. And the fact that the region only produces the best wines in the world was a bit of a draw besides.

familyThe south west of France genuinely offers the whole package, so they upped sticks for the umpteenth time and settled down to life in the fine city of Bordeaux where Jem and Sweet Pea, their beautiful Franco-British bundles, were born in 2009 and 2016 respectively.

Always with an eye to the finer things in life, Miss Gallivant hopes you will enjoy her prose and ponderings into the destinations and delectable places to stay featured on her personal blog for like-minded travellers – with or without a toddler or two in tow.

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